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What is WFraud?

WFraud® is a fraud and malicious clients prevention protection built into WISECP. You can use WFraud with your local database or the common database used by all WISECP users. If a client data stored within WFraud® is detected on your system, WFraud® alerts you and blocks the process. (It has an advanced algorithm for this operations)

You can mark suspicious or malicious customers who attempt fraud as a blacklist, make them appear alerts in the admin area > client detail and block the purchase.

What is WFraud® Common Database?

When WISECP users mark a customer as WFraud blacklist, it is also shown as a warning on your system and is prevented from making purchases on demand.

In this way;

With the common information sharing of WISECP users operating in the same and similar sectors as you;

  1. from people who committed credit card fraud
  2. from people who use fake credentials
  3. From malicious peoples
  4. From people who have problems in payments

you'll be protected.

WFraud® Module Settings

You can access module settings via Admin Area > Settings > Fraud Protection > WFraud® and adjust as you see fit.

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