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MySQL Strict Mode Issue

As of MySQL 5.7, some strict mode rules have been introduced to "SQL Mode" definitions. These rules sometimes prevent the software from functioning.

Unfortunately, WISECP, like many other automation systems, is not compatible with "SQL Strict Mode" rules.

Therefore, strict mode rules need to be removed from your database server's "SQL Mode" definitions.

You can follow the steps below on how to do this:

1) Access your server via SSH or SFTP with root privilege and open the /etc/my.cnf file.

If you do not have "root" level access to your server, you should contact your server administrator about this issue, as these processes should be performed by people with "root" level access authorization.

2) After opening your "my.cnf" file, add the following line and save it:

Important Reminder:
You must add the above line under the [mysqld] statement in the "my.cnf" file. If there is no [mysqld] in the file, it should be added by you.

3) Restart your database server.

If you do not have knowledge or expertise in such matters, you can get information and support from your server service provider or any server management expert.

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