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Domain Based Licensing

It is suitable for products such as "web software, themes, modules, scripts" etc. running under a domain name. It works with license domain verification.

Start Licensing

Follow the steps below to license your software product with the "Domain Based Licensing" option and associate it with your automation.

1) Follow the path "Admin Area > Services > Software Services".

2) Enter the product package you created earlier.

3) Click on the "Licensing" tab on the page that opens.

4) At this stage, click on "Domain Name Based" option.

Set the License Checking Time

Set the license check period. For example: If you define it as "1 Day", license check will be done once a day. (Recommended value: 1 Day.)

Changes you make to the "License Checking Time" area are not permanent and do not remotely change your license codes. It is only used to change the period value in the license control codes at the bottom for you.

When you make changes to the License Checking Time, you must add the license control codes again to your software product.

Get the License Control Code

License control codes are automatically generated by the system for each software product package. Once you've set the license check period, all you have to do is copy the ready-made license control codes and add them to a primary file of your software product.

If you have multiple software products, you must create different product packages for each of your products and use license control codes specific to each package.

When you add the license control code to your products, you can do the following.

  • You can remotely suspend your software products and show a license warning.
  • If the periodic orders are not renewed, you can automatically suspend them and show a license warning.
  • You can see the list of unauthorized installations in detail. (Domain name, Directory, Server IP, User IP etc.)

Reminder: Arrangements should not be made to render the license control code generated by the system inoperable. License control codes must be attached to a primary file that affects all files. (For example: functions.php)

Note: License control codes link using the CURL library. If there is any problem with CURL on the server where license codes are run, "LICENSE CURL CONNECTION ERROR" error will be seen.

The software file to which license control codes are attached must be encrypted with a strong encryption technology. Otherwise, license control codes can be easily removed and license control can be disabled.

Other Information

This section contains advanced information about license management. If you want to develop a custom license control mechanism, you can use the information on this page. With this information, you can connect any software you want with your WISECP automation.

Edit License Warning Page

When a product connected with your automation is suspended, a license warning page appears on your software product. You can change this page optionally according to your preference.

To make changes on the license warning page;

  1. Follow the path "Admin Area > Services > Software Services".
  2. Click on the "Service Group Settings" button on the top left of the page.
  3. You can edit the "License Warning Page" section on the page that opens. (Supports HTML.)

License Key Based

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