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Move/TransferRelease Date: 2019/08/25

This process is extremely simple if you want to move the system to a different server

If you are currently using the system on the domain name, but would like to continue using the domain on a different server, please follow the few steps below.

1) Control of Requirements

In order to continue using the WISECP system on your new server under the same conditions, your new server must meet the system requirements. Otherwise, you may see some errors and you won't be able to use the system.

Please, first, make sure that your new server meets the requirements set out in the link below. To do this, you can upload a "php info" file to your new server and review it. (Or get support from your hosting service provider.)

2) Copy and Upload All Files

2.1) Copy all files from your existing site completely and upload them to your new server. (Make sure the .htaccess file is installed specifically.)

3) Copy and Upload Database

3.1) Copy the existing database file (SQL) and upload it to your new server. Take note the database information.

3.2) To adjust the database connection, open the /coremio/configuration/database.php file and identify the database information on your new server. For Example;

return [
    'database' => [
        'driver'          => 'mysql',
        'tool'            => 'pdo',
        'host'            => 'localhost',
        'port'            => '3306',
        'prefix'          => '',
        'name'            => 'mydbname', // Define database name
        'username'        => 'UEwycVMeXvsSzoeanJv3L1smsbRzUT09', // Define as plain text
        'password'        => 'ZVFXS9bPDBJnxW3MNSXeTtdcmrjMZz09', // Define as plain text
        'charset'         => 'utf8',
        'collation'       => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
        'language-tables' => [

Important Reminder: You can define the "username" and "password" fields that appear encrypted on the database.php file as plain text. It will then be auto-encrypted by the system.

4) Update of Your License

After completing all process, view your license details via Update the license information to be your new domain name.

5) All Process Okay

You can now continue to use your WISECP system on your new server under the same conditions. 

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