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Reseller System

With advanced reseller system that is not in any similar software on the market, you can assign your customers as dealers. You can offer automatic discount rates based on product sales. Set up your reseller network and sell more.
How does the Reseller System Work?

If you activate the reseller system on WISECP, the "Reseller Program" button appears on the client area. When your clients click on the button, they encounter a detailed page about the reseller. This page includes all terms and descriptions of the affiliate program.

There are two different types of activation in the reseller system.

  1. Manual Reseller Activation
  2. Automatic Reseller Activation

1.) Manual Reseller Activation

With this method, your client contacts you and communicates that he wants to be a reseller. If you deem it appropriate, you can manually activate the "Reseller" feature by accessing the "Admin Panel > Client Detail > Reseller" tab.

1.) Automatic Reseller Activation

With this method, if the predetermined number of sales is reached, clients are automatically granted reseller status by the system. In this way, clients automatically gain reseller status and automatically benefit from reseller discounts.

How to Activate Reseller system?

Follow "Client > Reseller Management" on your WISECP admin panel.  In this section, you'll see list all existing resellers. Click on the "Configuration" button at the top of the page. The page opens contains all settings for the reseller system. These are described below.

  • Reseller System : With this setting, you can make the system active or passive.
  • Reseller Activation : As described above, dealership determines how to perform activation.
  • Reseller Page View without Membership : Within the client area, you can have the reseller begin page displayed by everyone. This feature makes it easy for people who have not yet registered to get ideas in advance.
  • Conditions : You can enforce certain terms to become reseller. These are;
    - Obligation to load credits in the amount specified to the account,
    - Obligation to keep a balance in the amount specified in the account,
    - Obligation to make payments with account credit.
  • Reseller Discount Rates : For a product, the discount rate in percentages is determined according to the amount of purchases "active and paid". For Ex:
    - 10% discount from 2 to 9
    - 20% discount from 10 to 24, and etc.
  • API Service : Allows remote "sales/ activation/ renewal / change domain name information" and etc. operations through the API. If the reseller has sufficient credits in his account, "automatic activation and renewal" can be done via the API.
Product Based Discount

The "Reseller Discount Rates" field on the "Client > Reseller Management" path has a selection area (selectbox) where you can set product-based discount rates. All products registered in the system are listed. When you select the product you want to define a product-based discount rate, you can adjust through the area at the bottom.

Automatic Discount Calculation

Depending on the amount of active and paid sales of a product, the system automatically calculates the discount rate and applies it to the cart. For example: If there are 2 x products in the reseller account, automatic discount is applied for the 3rd order.

Reseller Panel

There is an advanced reseller panel in the client area so that resellers can see and tracking sales, discounts earned and more. In this way, everything is transparent and recorded. Your resellers can track all transactions instantly.

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