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Card Stored and Automatic Payment

Now, you can offer "Card Storage and Automatic Payment" to your customers.

Your customers can save their card information in the system when purchasing a new service or during the bill payment process and have it automatically paid by credit card at each renewal period.

What Does This Bring You?

  • Your customers no longer need to keep track of outstanding invoices.
  • Your customers can now easily pay with one click.
  • It is now much easier for you to collect payments from your customers.
  • By providing automatic payment facility, you will be in a much more advantageous position than your competitors.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. ) When purchasing a new service or paying an invoice, your customer mark the relevant boxes in order to save the card information in the system and pay automatically.
  2. ) The system receives this instruction and securely records the card information for easy one-click subsequent payments.
  3. ) If there is an automatic payment order for the services with approaching due dates, the system tries to pay the open invoice with the default registered card information. If the payment is successful, a "Payment Approved" notification is sent to the customer. If it is unsuccessful, a warning notification will be sent to the customer before the due date by e-mail / sms that the payment cannot be made with the registered card information.

How is Security Provided?

- First of all, credit card information is never stored on the system.

When your customer wants to save his card information to the WISECP system, he checks the relevant boxes. With this approval, the system securely sends the credit card information to the affiliated payment institution. The payment institution confirms that the card information and storage request have been received and as a result sends TOKEN information to be used in payment transactions.

- All payments are made with TOKEN information.

The "last 4 digits" of the card number and some information are kept under record so that your customers can recognize the cards they have stored.

- "3D Security" procedure is applied for card storage and automatic instruction.

Important Reminder: Without the consent of your customer and without the approval of SMS, card storage and automatic payment orders cannot be received. Except for automatic payments made by the system, all payment transactions are passed through 3D control. (Even if card information has been registered before)

Activation and Use

In order for the card storage and automatic payment system to work, the payment institution you have contracted with must have a module integrated with WISECP and must support these features. Otherwise, card storage and automatic payment features cannot be used.

We recommend that you contact your payment institution to inquire about whether your payment institution supports these features.

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