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Domain Doc Management

You can now easily manage domain extensions that require documents

Some domain extensions (eg US, CA etc.) require documentation and additional information to register. At this point, thanks to the Domain Doc Management System, you can now manage the document/information sending and verification processes in a very easy and practical way.

What is Domain Doc Management?

When a customer creates a domain name order that requires documents/information, the system will automatically state the order as "in progress" and request that the necessary information and documents be uploaded to the system in order to complete the domain name registration process.

After the required information and documents are uploaded by the customer, a warning bubble appears on your administration panel and you can review the uploaded documents and information in the domain name service order details. You can start the domain name registration process by contacting the domain name service provider you work with with the uploaded documents and information.

If the documents and information sent by the customer are incomplete or invalid, you can reject the relevant documents and information and write a statement that your customer can see. Afterwards, your customer can upload documents and information back to the system to transmit correct and valid information.

Use of Domain Doc Management System

Follow the steps below to create an extension that requires domain name documents and information.

  1. In the admin area, follow the path "Services > Domain Name Registration > Domain Doc Management".
  2. On the page that opens, click the "+ Add an Extension that Requires Doc" button.
  3. On the page that opens, there are many adjustable fields and they are explained below.
  • Domain Extension > It is the extension information that requires Document/Info. (Define an extension that already exists in the domain extension list.)
  • Info/Doc Item >Define the details of the requested information or document. You can make multiple definitions.
  • Info/Docs Details > You can define detailed explanations about the requested information or document.

Note: In some modules with API connection, the extensions that require information/document are set by the system as standard. However, not all API modules have this feature as standard. In this case, the relevant extensions must be created by you according to the instructions described above.

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