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WiseCP has advanced security features. Provides superior protection against malicious people and bots.

  1. Admin Panel Access URL

    You can change the access path of the admin panel the way you want so that the malicious people can't even reach your admin login screen. For excellent security, this is one of the first precautions you should take.

  2. Cache (Memory System)

    Normally, all websites run database queries for each page view. This means overuse of server resources and negativity for website speed. Thanks to the advanced cache memory system in WiseCP, your website does not run continuous database queries. Each page of your visitors is saved to the cache as html, and this html page is displayed to the visitor in the same page view. In this way, server resources are saved and your site works like a jet.

  3. File Upload Settings

    You can set the file format control and file size limit for the files to be uploaded during the order stages and support system.

  4. Password Length

    You can define the minimum length of passwords that your customers will create during the account creation and account update stages.

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