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Captcha Security

If you want to always prevent attempts to be made to the forms via the robots, you can activate the Captcha Protection feature.

Standard captcha usually provides a solution, but when captcha solvers are encountered, Google reCaptcha is the definitive solution. (Google reCaptcha is not recommended because it does negatively impact page opening performance.) It is recommended that you use BotShield before you continuously activate the Captcha feature.)

  1. Captcha Status
    You can enable or disable the Captcha feature.
  2. Captcha Type
    There are two different types of captcha, Standard and Google reCAPTCHA. In the standard CAPTCHA type, the selected form operations show characters on the image, and you must type it in a box. Google reCAPTCHA also prompts you to mark a box that Google has specifically developed. Because robots cannot perform such validation, the protection is ensured.
  3. Protected Areas
    Here you can mark which form elements will be active in captcha protection. CAPTCHA security will be activated when processing on the form elements you choose.

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