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Order Requirement

During the ordering phase, you can request "Information Required for Order" from your clients.

1) How are Product/Service Requirements Adjust?

1.1) View the product package detail that you want to define product/service requirements.

1.2) On the pop-up page, click on the "Requirements" tab.

1.3) On the pop-up page, click on the "Add new requirement" button.

1.4) On the pop-up page, you define and save the "additional information" options that you want your customers to identify during the product ordering phase.

1.5) When you view the "Requirements" tab of your product package detail again, you can see the requirements information you've created and check the tile.

2) Some Important Settings

There are some special settings available for adding requirements. These are listed below.

2.1) Name
Make a naming for required information (your customers will see this). For example: Color Options

2.2) Description
Write a description for required information. (Your customers will see this). For example: What color do you prefer?

2.3) Group
You can assign the required information to a group. This allows you to collect some requirements information under one group and find it easily.

2.4) Related Service Group
Select which product group the requirement information will be linked to. This will show up on the product pack in the "Requirements" tab on the product line.

2.5) Mandatory
When you activate this tile, your customer cannot move forward without identifying the requirement information.

2.6) Option Type
You can determine the style view of the requirement information that will appear during the order ingress.


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