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Shared Server SettingsRelease Date: 2019/01/07

By defining your shared servers on WiseCP, you can make shared hosting and shared virtual server sales.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Go to Admin Area > Services > Hosting Management > Server Settings

  2. Click on the button Add new server

  3. On the page that opens, define the following fields to be correct and valid.

    A name that identifies your shared server. It is usually the name given in the form of

    Name Server Adress
    is the NS information for your shared server. You must define the NS information linked to your server. Otherwise, you will encounter an error message. 

  4. Server Automation Type
    Select which infrastructure the shared server is on. For example: CPanel, Plesk or any virtual server panel.

  5. IP Address
    Identify the IP address of the shared server.

  6. User name
    Define User name defined for administrator access to the shared server.

  7. Password
    Define User password defined for administrator access to the shared server.

  8. Connect with SSL
    If you want to provide the connection type with SSL, tick the box. (Not mandatory.)

  9. Port
    Identify the port information used to access the shared server.

  10. Test Connectivity
    Please test the accuracy and validity of the information entered. You cannot add a server without the Test process "Success ".

Information Note: If you are using a Reseller Hosting service, you can define the system as a shared server. Thus, you can make hosting sales through your reseller hosting account. However, some permissions must exist for your reseller account. Generally, these permissions are available as standard on the reseller accounts.


You can define the existing accounts on the server to your existing customers. 

  1. After viewing the shared server you created earlier, click on the "Import " tab at the top.

  2. Click on the "List all" button on the page that opens.

  3. Identify the following fields through the list of results found;

    Make a selection through the customers registered in the system.

    Package / Period
    Select any of the packages connected to the server you are trading with.

    End Date
    Specify the service end date of the order to be defined.

Once you have defined this information, the corresponding accounts will be transferred to the system with the customer information you selected, the package and the end date when you click the "Save " button.

Remind Note: If you do not see information in the "Package/Period " section, this is due to the absence of a product package linked to the server you are processing. Please create a product package that is connected to the relevant server before.

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