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Easy Order

It is very important that the shopping process is extremely easy and practical. Clients must complete the shopping process without any difficulties.

With the "Easy Order" feature in WISECP, your clients do not encounter any restrictions. Easily completes the purchase without leaving the order creation process.

How Easy Order Feature Works?

Follow "Settings > General > Advanced" on the Admin panel. Find and activate the "Easy Order" field on the page that opens.

When you activate easy order feature, the process your clients will follow will be as follows.

  1. Product Choose
  2. Period Choose
  3. Additional Service Choose (optional)
  4. Additional Information (for order if necessary)
  5. Cart Preview
  6. Client Login or Create Account
    At this stage, if have an existing client account, the login information is defined and the processing is resumed. If do not have a client account, the client information is filled in through the account creation tab on the same page and the processing is resumed. No account verification is required.
  7. Identification of Payment Information and Payment

Note: If the easy order feature is not active, the "account verification process" runs after stage 6 and the account information must be verified before the order occurs. Once the account verification process is complete, your client can continue again by clicking on the cart button.

Verifying the Client Account

If you are using account verification methods for your client (for example: E-mail, GSM Number etc.) the system will automatically direct your client to verify this information after the completion of the purchase. No process or reviews can be performed on the client panel until the verification process is complete.

Important Reminder:  The Easy Order feature is subject to fraud protection. People caught by fraud security or those who use anonymous IP cannot benefit from easy ordering. (Of course, fraud protection must be activated for this.)

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