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WISECP setup is a very simple and fast process. If the necessary conditions are met, you can complete the installation process shortly.

  • Download Your Setup File
    Download your setup file through your client area > license detail and upload the files in the compressed file to your site via FTP.
  • Create Database
    Create a database through your hosting panel (cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc.) and authorize a db user for the database. Note the database name, database user name and password somewhere.

Run Setup Wizard

When you run, you encounter "Setup Wizard". The Setup wizard allows you to easily perform the setup process.

  1. System Requirements

    The Setup wizard controls the server requirements required for setup. If your server has enough hardware for installation, you will automatically proceed to the next stage.

    If your server doesn't meet one or more of the requirements, you'll encounter a warning page. In this case, you must receive support from your hosting company or a server management professional.

    You can download the PHP file that controls your server's system compatibility by clicking the button below and upload it to your website. This allows you to check the compliance of your hosting service with WISECP prior to installation or move.

    » Download Requirement Controller

  2. Database Information
    Define the database information that you have created before in the relevant fields and continue processing. If there are no problems, you will encounter the "Setup Completed Successfully" page.
  3. Setup Completed Successfully
    This stage means that setup has been completed successfully. You can also see default admin login information on that stage. As standard, your admin email address is your email address registered in your client account. Your standard admin password is admin123
System Requirements Upgrade

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