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Security Levels

Encryption Technology The system encrypts data using AES and RSA encryption technology with a two-tier encryption key and decrypts the encrypted data with that key again. Encryption keys are specially produced and unique in each installation. Resolving or in...

Admin Access Security

If you are a WISECP user, you are fully protected from unauthorized access to your admin area. Some of the strong security layers of your WISECP automation are that the administration panel access path is easily changeable and the administrator / user passwo...


What is WFraud? WFraud® is a fraud and malicious clients prevention protection built into WISECP. You can use WFraud with your local database or the common database used by all WISECP users. If a client data stored within WFraud® is detected on your system, ...


When the specified conditions are exceeded, Botshield is activated and requires automatic Captha verification to prove that the user is not a robot.  As a standard, the continuous activation of CAPTCHA protection is an negative for the user experience. There...

Spam Protection

Effectively shield your business from useless, advertising and malicious messages with Spam Protection. With the strong spam protection in WISECP, messages sent via email piping, support tickets and contact form are filtered in the spam security system, so y...

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