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Spam Protection

Effectively shield your business from useless, advertising and malicious messages with Spam Protection.

With the strong spam protection in WISECP, messages sent via email piping, support tickets and contact form are filtered in the spam security system, so you are strongly protected from unwanted messages.

Enabling Spam Protection

Follow the steps below to enable spam protection.

  1. In your administration area, follow the path "Settings > Security > Spam Protection"
  2. Activate the functions you want to use for spam protection on the page that opens.

Spam Protection Settings

Multiple features and adjustments are available in the spam protection system. What they are is explained below. API service is an effective way to avoid spam. There is a very extensive IP pool, and the IP addresses of all malicious and spam senders are constantly collected in this pool. In your WISECP system, the IP addresses of the senders are instantly queried on the service and if they match, they are marked as spam and blocked.

You need an API key to use the functionality. You can create an account on to obtain an API key.

Block Temporary Email Services

You can enable this function to block messages sent via temporary email services. In this way, messages sent via popular temp mail services will be marked as spam and will not be accepted.

Block Anonymous IP Usage

You can enable this function to block messages sent via Proxy/Server IP addresses. With this function, only messages sent via a local/real IP address will be accepted.

Blocked Keywords

By defining unwanted words, you can block messages containing these words. The system will not accept messages containing unwanted words and will mark them as spam.


The last 50 records are listed so that you can see the messages marked as spam and blocked. Only the last 50 records are listed, more are automatically deleted.

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