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Support System Settings

Basic adjustments to the support system

There are basically some settings on the WISECP support system. What they mean and how they are used is explained below.

Follow the steps below to access the support system settings.

    1. Follow the path "Support > Tickets" in your administration area.
    2. Click the "Settings" button in the upper left corner of the page that opens.

The page that opens has many adjustable fields and is explained as follows:

  • Show First > The order in which the tickets in the support tickets list will be displayed. There are two different types and there is a customer group exception.

    1) Updated Date Oldest > According to the ticket update date, the oldest ticket is displayed first. (This is recommended.)
    2) Updated Date Newest > According to the ticket update date, the newest ticket is displayed first.
    Client Group > The support tickets of the desired client groups are displayed in the top row.
  • Block Blacklisted > Mark it to prevent the customers you have marked as blacklist from creating support tickets.
  • Block Those Without Service > Mark to prevent customers who have not purchased any service from creating a support ticket.
  • Staff Ticket Restriction > Mark if you want your staff members to see only the support tickets assigned to them.

    Note: When using this function, authorized admins are required to assign support tickets to staff members.

  • Number of Listings > How many tickets will be listed on a single page in the support ticket list.
  • Refresh List > The page refresh time of the support ticket list (Defined in seconds)
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