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This document explains in detail the taxation procedures to be applied for financial transactions carried out through the system.

Taxation Overview

WISECP offers a wide range of options to facilitate compliance with global and local tax laws and ensure the correct taxes are applied to payments. Thanks to the advanced taxation system in WISECP, you can effectively collect the necessary taxes from your local and international customers.

Access Taxation Settings

To access your taxation settings, the following path should be followed in the administration area:

  • Log in to your administration area.
  • Go to "Settings" on the menu.
  • In the "Billing" submenu, click on the "Taxes" heading.

    Navigation: Admin Area > Settings > Billing > Taxes

To manage taxation processes, you will see three basic tabs: "Tax Settings", "Tax Rules" and "Advanced". Each tab has been developed to help you manage your taxation processes conveniently, effectively and legally.

Tax Settings

Under the Tax settings tab, the following options are available:

  1. Taxes: Enable the taxation function.
  2. Tax Type:
    • Tax Exclusive: Adding VAT on top of the price you define.
    • Tax Inclusive: VAT is included in the price you define.
  3. Local Tax Rate (%): Specify your local tax rate as a percentage.

Tax Rules

This tab allows you to set customized tax rates for different countries and regions. It ensures that regulations are made in accordance with tax laws, especially for customers operating within the European Union. By default, no tax will be charged for countries other than your country and those that are not registered in the system.

Settings you can make:

  1. New Tax Rule: You can define custom tax rates for different countries/regions/states/city.
  2. Tax Rates of European Countries: You can edit tax rates for European countries listed as standard.


You can further elaborate your billing procedures with advanced taxation options:

  1. Invoice Formalization: You can present official invoices (Official Documents) to your customers.
  2. Proforma Invoice Numbering and Paid Invoice Numbering: You can set number formatting options for pro forma and paid invoices.
  3. Client Tax Information: Viewing and making mandatory the tax number and tax office information in the customer panel.
  4. Account Funds Taxation: You can make tax application preferences in account credit transactions.
  5. Show Invoices Without Login: You can give your customers the option to access invoices without logging in.
  6. Delete Invoice Item: When the order is canceled or deleted, you can automatically remove the relevant invoice item.
  7. Automatically Update Invoice Amount: You can have the invoice amounts automatically updated based on the current amount of the product.
  8. Order/Invoice Creation: Option to create the order and the corresponding invoice without payment.
  9. PDF Font Family: Font selection for character matching in invoice PDF files.
  10. Custom Notes: You can add custom notes that will appear on invoices.


With this guide, you have obtained the detailed information necessary to configure your taxation processes in accordance with your workflows and personalize the system. By adapting your WISECP to your company's tax policies, you can increase customer satisfaction and gain a significant advantage in full compliance with tax laws.

Support and Help

When you need support with taxation settings or encounter a problem during the process, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our expert team is ready to provide any assistance.

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