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Cronjob & Automation

You must define a cronjob command on your server so that all system processes on the WISECP can be performed automatically. In this way, invoice creation and reminders, service suspension and cancellation, and many more operations are performed automatically in the background.

How to set up Cronjob?

1) Follow the path to "Admin Area > Settings > Automation".

2) At the top of the page that opens, you will see a command line with an orange color with the phrase "Cronjob Command". Copy this command line.

3) Please enter your hosting panel (e.g. Cpanel, Plesk, etc.), cronjob or scheduled tasks area. If possible, provide a cronjob adjustment as "Every minute or 15 minutes."

If you do not know how to adjust cronjob command on your hosting, you can get support from your hosting service provider.

Important Reminder

Some servers may accept different commands for the cron job system to work. Therefore, if crontab service is not working with the current command, you should also try the following variations.

Example 1;

Example 2;
/usr/local/bin/ea-php72 memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /home/youruser/public_html/coremio/cronjobs.php

Example 3;
/usr/local/bin/php memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /home/youruser/public_html/coremio/cronjobs.php

Example 4;
cd /home/youruser/public_html/coremio; /usr/local/bin/php -f cronjobs.php

Please Don't Forget!
You should change the phrases specified as bold font style to your own.

Last Run Time

Once you've set up a cronjob, follow the path to "Admin Area > Settings > Automation" again and check the "Last Run time" field continuously. Please wait for a while if you have just made a new description. If there is no problem, you will see "near-time information ". This indicates the last time the Cronjob system was running.

Processing Time Range

If you want automatic transactions to be performed between a specified time frame, the "Admin Area > Settings > Automation" page has a setting section for it. In this field, when you make an adjustment according to the 24-hour time zone, systematic operations will only occur within the time interval you set.

Systematic Operations

Invoices, products/services, support tickets etc. you can set "Process Day" information as desired automatically. For example: "suspend service after x days from last payment date. " etc.

Please refer to the bottom part of the "Admin Area > Settings > Automation" page for detailed information.

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