Usage Guide and Documentation

With the "WISECP/" integration module, you can efficiently and automatically perform domain name registration and management operations. This guide contains the necessary information to perform these operations step by step.

Module Features

The "WISECP/" module allows you to perform the following operations automatically via API.

  • Domain Name Query
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Transfer
  • Domain Name Renewal
  • Auto Update Extension Costs
  • Changing Name Server
  • Child Name Server Management
  • Whois Protection (Free)
  • Updating Whois Information
  • Transfer Lock Management
  • Creating a Transfer Code
  • Bulk Domain Import From Service Provider
  • Bulk Extension Import from Service Provider
  • Premium Domain Name Checker
  • Domain Name Promotion Management

Simply follow the steps below to set up and manage the integration between WISECP and

Module Installation

The module "WISECP/" is being developed by domain name registrar. Please download the latest version module files updated by from the link below and upload the compressed zip file in the "/coremio" folder to your website.

  1. Download the latest version module files via GitHub Page. 
  2. Unzip the compressed zip file you downloaded and upload the "/coremio" folder to your website.

Module Configuration

After the upload process is complete, follow the steps below to activate and configure the module:

  1. From the Admin Area menu, follow the path "Services > Domain Name Registration > Domain Name Registrars".
  2. On the page that appears, find the "DomainNameAPI" module and click the "Configure" button.
  3. The following fields and settings appear on the page that opens. For settings that need to be filled in, you can contact the domain name service provider's support team and ask for help.

    • Reseller Username: The reseller username that the domain registrar provides for you.
    • Reseller Password: The password you use to log in to the domain Registrar.
    • WhoIS Protection Fee: Define if you want to charge a fee for Whois protection service.
    • Update pricing automatically: When you enable this function, your WISECP will connect to the domain name registrar API every day to set the selling prices of the extensions taking into account the current costs of the extensions offered by the service provider, the current exchange rates and finally your profit rate.
    • Cost Currency: The currency your domain registrar offers for the cost of extensions on the API. (This is typically USD).
    • Profit Rate (%): This is the profit rate you will define for the sales of extensions. Using this function, all extensions will be priced according to the rate you set.
    • Import Extensions: All extensions supported by the domain registrar are imported in bulk via the API.
    • Test Connection: Test the validity of the data you have entered.


With this feature, all domain names you have on the domain name registrar are listed. You can import the domain names you want from the list to any client you want.

Domain Name Service Management

After completing the integration and module settings, you can access more detailed information about domain name service management via Domain Name Service Management Document.


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