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Import from WHMCS

With the help of the import tool created by WISECP, your whole data from WHMCS will be transferred to WISECP within few minutes.

With the import tool specially developed for this, all your data will be fully transferred from the WHMCS system to the WISECP. This process consists of a few very short phases and is completed in a short period of time.

You can access the import tool from the following path:

WISECP Admin Control Panel  >  Tools  >  Easy Import Tools  >  Import from WHMCS

If you wish, you can get a free trial of WISECP by clicking here and test the import tool in the trial version. In this way, you can experience our import tool.

The data that will be transferred from WHMCS To WISECP:

  • All product/service categories
  • Product/services packages
  • All client accounts
  • All orders
  • All order add-ons
  • All invoices
  • All support tickets
  • Other data

Usage and Instructions

  • Due to insufficient server resources, the process may be interrupted. Keep a backup of your existing WISECP database to be able to re-import onto the clean database.
  • Make sure your host "memory_size, max_execution_time etc." properties are set high before you take the action. These are included in your php.ini configuration.
  • This module does not perform any action on the current WHMCS database, it simply copies the data.
  • The type of your product packages found on WHMCS is transferred to the WISECP as a special product group if "Other Product/Service" is selected.
  • The processing time will vary depending on the size of your data. Please wait until the operation is complete.

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