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WISECP has an advanced version upgrade feature. When a new version is announced, the WISECP management panel displays a banner at the top to indicate that the update is available, and informs you that updates should be checked.

Update Center

When you visit the update center, you will see an image similar to the above. The middle and upper section shows the version you are using, and a button is provided at the bottom, where you can raise it.

Version History

Just below the page is a version history of the announced updates. This area contains update notes for previously announced versions. You can see the developments made to the versions by reviewing these notes.

How to Upgrade?

If you click the "Upgrade to XX" button located in the upper middle of the page, you will see an information window about upgrading the version.

If you click on "Yes Start" button, the version upgrades will be done automatically within seconds and the update process will be completed. You do not need to take any extra operations.

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