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Performance & Optimizations

In order to use your WISECP automation with high performance without any problems, you may need to make some settings on the server side. If you have a high data volume and process traffic, we strongly recommend that you apply the following optimizations.

PHP Resource Usage

Your server's PHP configuration file (php.ini) contains some limitation definitions. It is recommended to keep these values ​​high for large-scale automation software such as WISECP.

  • memory_limit = 128M (and above recommended. If you are using a private server you can -1.)
  • max_execution_time = 600 (and above recommended.)
  • max_input_vars = 50000 (required to import and update domain name extensions.)

MySQL Resource Usage

Especially if you have high database volume, it is definitely useful to upgrade these values. In addition, in operations through the API, if a late response from the API server is returned, the query can be plugged into the MySQL connection limits and the MySQL server may interrupt the process. To avoid this situation, you must define mysql limits as shown below.

Open the /etc/my.cnf file on your server and add the following values to the bottom.

  • connect_timeout = 300
  • wait_timeout = 300
  • interactive_timeout = 300
  • max_connections = 200
  • sort_buffer_size = 4M
  • read_buffer_size = 4M
  • max_allowed_packet = 64M

After this process, restart the MySQL server.

Disabling MySQL Strict Mode

In MySQL 5.7 and higher versions, there are some commands in the "SQL MODE" definitions that will prevent the software from running. These should be removed from the SQL MODE definition and updated as follows.

  1. ) Open the /etc/my.cnf file by accessing the server as "root" via "SSH" or "SFTP". (If you do not have root access, this process must be provided by your server company.)
  2. ) Add and save the following text at the bottom of the opened file;
  3. ) After this process, restart the MySQL server.
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