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SMS Delivery Service

WISECP has unique features and infrastructure to offer international SMS delivery services.

In order to offer international sms delivery services with WISECP, some adjustments are required. Please follow the steps below.

Activation Process

  1. Follow the path "Admin Area > Settings > General > Advanced". On the page that opens, activate the "International SMS Service" product group. If it is already active, you do not need to take any action.

  2. Follow the path "Admin Area > Settings > SMS".
    On the page that opens, make adjustments as shown in the image below. (The service provider in the image has been chosen as an example.)

  3. Follow the path "Admin Area > Settings > SMS".
    Select your service provider on the left side of the page that opens and define the required API information. (The service provider in the image has been chosen as an example.)

Pricing Settings

International SMS delivery service works with the logic of calculating credit per sms sending for each country.

Sample cost calculation method is given below.

  • For 1 SMS * US = 0,062 EUR (Accordingly, the cost of sending 1000 SMS to the US country is 62 EUR.)
  • For 1 SMS * Germany = 0,1234 EUR (Accordingly, the cost of sending 1000 SMS to the GERMANY country is 123,4 EUR.)

The same calculation can be done for other countries.

SMS delivery costs for all countries are automatically taken through the service provider with the API. Costs and sales amounts do not need to be set separately for each country.

Follow the path "Admin Area > Services > International SMS Services" to view all costs and sales amounts and collectively determine sales prices for all countries. On the page that opens, you can see the cost and sales amounts per 1 SMS of all countries in a list form. In the upper right corner of the page, there is a feature that allows you to update sales amounts collectively by determining a profit rate. Using this feature, you can update all sales amounts in bulk.

SMS Sending Process

SMS sending process are carried out over the "International SMS Service" heading on the Client Area. When your customers click on this menu title, they are directed to the sms sending page.

In order for the customer to benefit from the international SMS delivery service, there must be sufficient account credit in the client account. Otherwise, sms sending cannot be done.

Sender ID Management

In international sms sending services, determining the sms sender ID varies according to the country. While sms can be sent with the sender ID in country X, only sms can be sent with the "numeric" ID to country Y. In general, pre-approval is not required to send sms with the sender ID. However, in some countries, a document is required to send sms with the sender ID. You can find out these documents by contacting the service provider.

When sending an SMS with a sender ID to a country that requires a document, the system informs your customer as a standard and warns that it needs pre-approval.

API Service

For international sms service, WISECP has the feature to offer API service. In this way, you can offer the following possibilities to your customers via API.

  • SMS Sending (With Sender IDs)
  • Displaying Account Credit
  • SMS Delivery Status

You can access the pre-prepared sample "PHP-API" codes via the link below.

Download Sample PHP Codes >

SMS Services (TR Users)

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