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HTML/JavaScript Tags

On WISECP, data transfer can be made via the "POST/GET" method using some "HTML/JavaScript" tags. However, in some cases, the active firewall/rules on the server or network restrict the sending of HTML/JavaScript tags to the server and prevent data flow, although it does not cause any security weakness.

Blocking "HTML/JavaScript" tags can cause problems using many functions through the system. Below are some examples of adversely affected situations:

  • Unable to save content with HTML tags in the text editor.
  • Unable to save content with HTML tags in Mega menu.
  • Clients or services not listed/appearing in selectbox fields.
Suggested Solution:
You must ensure that the relevant rules enabled on your server or network are disabled. (For example: Mod_Security rules, CloudFlare rules or CSF rules. )
Important Reminder:
WISECP has powerful filtering and security measures for HTML/JavaScript tags that can be harmful and cause security vulnerabilities.

If you do not have any information on this subject, we recommend that you seek support from the service provider you receive server service from or from any server/network management specialist.

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