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Affiliate System

WISECP has an advanced affiliate system feature in itself. This allows you to bring your products and services to more audiences and increase your sales rates through your affiliates.
How does the Affiliate System Work?

If you activate the affiliate system on WISECP, the "Affiliate Program" button appears on the client area. When your clients click on the button, they encounter a detailed page about the affiliate. This page includes all terms and descriptions of the affiliate program.

When your client participates in the affiliate program, a unique and special referral link is created by the system. The affiliate may share this referral link to a relative or post it on any website (forums, blogs, etc.). WISECP, identifies the incoming visitor as your affiliate's referral if a click is made to the link. If your affiliate's reference creates an account and makes a purchase, the commission rate you define in the affiliate settings is calculated and processed. In this way, the affiliates will earn you new clients and generate revenue.

How to Activate the Affiliate System?

Follow "Client > Affiliate Management" on your WISECP admin panel.  In this section, you'll see list all existing affiliates and withdrawal requests. Click on the "Configuration" button at the top of the page. The page opens contains all settings for the affiliate system. These are described below.

  • Affiliate System : With this setting, you can make the system active or passive.
  • Affiliate Page Without Membership : Within the client area, you can have the affiliate begin page displayed by everyone. This feature makes it easy for people who have not yet registered to get ideas in advance.
  • Show Commission Rates : Ensures that the commission rates set for the affiliate can be visible to everyone. This feature makes it easy for people who are not yet affiliate to get ideas in advance.
  • Minimum Payment Amount : Determines the commission amount that your affiliates must earn least before submitting a withdrawal request.
  • Commission Period : Determines how the commission is paid to affiliates.. If you choose a one-time, your affiliate will earn commissions from the client's first purchase and will never win a commission again. If you choose for lifetime, your affiliate will receive continuous commission from any purchase (including periodic renewals).
  • Standard Commission Percentage : The rate of commission to be paid as standard for all products and services. Percentage(%) is defined as. If you do not determine a product-based commission rate, the standard commission rate applies.
  • Commission Delay : Determines how many days after a completed purchase, the commission amount can be paid. This feature is a precaution ary against the risk of cancellation or refund of the payment made.
  • Cookie Validity Time : Determines how many days the cookie information for the directed visitor remains active. This allows commissions for possible purchases later, even if there are no immediate purchases.
  • Accepted Payment Methods : It is determined through which payment methods money will be sent to the affiliates. With this feature, your affiliate sees supported payment methods and identifies appropriate payment information when making a withdrawal request.
  • Banner/Promotional Images : You can define pre-prepared banners and visuals so that the affiliates can market more effectively.
Product Based Commission

Optionally, you can set a different commission rate for some of your products, or you can pacify the affiliate system for the product you want. You can find this adjustment on the edit page of the product you want.

Affiliate Panel

For sales, earned commissions, withdrawal requests, clicks, and more, the client area has an advanced affiliate panel. In this way, everything is transparent and everything recorded. Your sales partners can track all transactions instantly.

Withdrawal Requests and Wallet

All commissions earned by affiliate are kept in two separate wallets in the affiliate panel.

  1. Total Earnings : The total amount of commissions, not conclusive and unpaid. 
  2. Available Balance : Total of the finalized commissions amount that completes the wait time.

To request a withdrawal, click the "Withdrawal Request" button on the "Available Balance" box. In the pop-up window, the affiliate defines their payment information and the request is created. 

When a withdrawal request is created, you'll see a warning bubble in your admin panel menu. When you access the "Clients > Affiliate Management" page, you can see and process all withdrawal requests.

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