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Latest Version v2.1.2 Click for Version History User manual, help documentation and resources for WISECP users.

System Requirements

The server requirements for WISECP installation are described below. These are the basic features that are standard on every server. If one or more of these requirements are not present on your server, the WISECP installation can not take place. Before you s...


WiseCP setup is quite simple and fast. If the necessary conditions are met, you can complete the installation process within minutes. Details of the installation are explained in detail below. Download Your Installation File.Download the installation file f...


WiseCP has an advanced version upgrade feature. When a new version is announced, the WiseCP management panel displays a banner at the top to indicate that the update is available, and informs you that updates should be checked. Update Center When you visit t...


This process is extremely simple if you want to move the system to a different server If you are currently using the system on the domain name, but would like to continue using the domain on a different server, please follow the few steps bel...

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