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Payment Gateway Settings

Use this guide to enable and manage the payment options your customers will see at checkout. Access to Payment Gateways Follow the steps given below for this process: Log in to the "Admin Area". Click on the "Settings" menu. Scroll down to the "Billing" opt...


This document explains in detail the taxation procedures to be applied for financial transactions carried out through the system. Taxation Overview WISECP offers a wide range of options to facilitate compliance with global and local tax laws and ensure the c...

Currency Management

This guide aims to inform you about the currency management processes in your system. It contains detailed information on how to define and localize the currencies your company needs and manage financial transactions through these units. More than 150 curren...

Card Stored and Automatic Payment

Now, you can offer "Card Storage and Automatic Payment" to your customers. Your customers can save their card information in the system when purchasing a new service or during the bill payment process and have it automatically paid by credit card at each ren...

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