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Shared Server Settings

By defining a large number of shared servers on WISECP, you can sell shared hosting service and virtual server service. To do this, you need to: Go to Admin Area > Services > Hosting Management > Server Settings Click on the button Add new server ...

Shared Server Grouping

If you have more than one shared server and you want your services to be distributed automatically and stably within these servers, you can create groups for your servers and set the service creation process on the servers within the group according to the t...

Import from a Server

You can easily import all hosting accounts on your shared server. It is very simple to import accounts on your shared hosting server. First, you should make sure that you use one of the hosting panels integrated with WISECP and that it has the ability to imp...

VPS/VDS Configurable Options

How can we set configurable options for VPS/VDS orders? A virtual server order has some options that clients must define as mandatory or optional. These must be set up in advance. The ways to do this is described below. 1) Create and Edit a Product Package D...

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