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Security Settings

SettingsRelease Date: 2018/09/18

WiseCP has advanced security features. Provides superior protection against malicious people and bots. Admin Panel Access URL You can change the access path of the admin panel the way you want so that the malicious people can't even reach your admin login ...

BotShieldRelease Date: 2018/09/19

When the specified conditions are exceeded, Botshield is activated and requires automatic Captha verification to prove that the user is not a robot.  As a standard, the continuous activation of CAPTCHA protection is an negative for the user experience. There...

Captcha SecurityRelease Date: 2018/09/27

If you want to always prevent attempts to be made to the forms via the robots, you can activate the Captcha Protection feature. Standard captcha usually provides a solution, but when captcha solvers are encountered, Google reCaptcha is the definitive solutio...

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