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Create coupons for your products and services and increase your sales. Thanks to the advanced coupon system on WISECP, you can create special coupons for your customers and offer discounted or free services. How Does the Coupon System Work? By creating a cou...


Along with any product, you can offer a different product "at a discount" or completely "free of charge" Thanks to WISECP unique promotion management system, you can give any product you want to your customers for free or offer it at a discount at the rates ...

Affiliate System

WISECP has an advanced affiliate system feature in itself. This allows you to bring your products and services to more audiences and increase your sales rates through your affiliates. How does the Affiliate System Work? If you activate the affiliate system o...

Reseller System

With advanced reseller system that is not in any similar software on the market, you can assign your customers as dealers. You can offer automatic discount rates based on product sales. Set up your reseller network and sell more. How does the Reseller System...

Easy Order

It is very important that the shopping process is extremely easy and practical. Clients must complete the shopping process without any difficulties. With the "Easy Order" feature in WISECP, your clients do not encounter any restrictions. Easily completes the...

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