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MySQL Strict Mode Issue

With version 5.7+ of MySQL, some strict mode rules have been introduced as standard for SQL mode definitions. In some cases, these rules may interfere with the operation of softwares. WISECP automation, like many other automation systems, is not compatible w...

Shared Server Settings

By defining a large number of shared servers on WISECP, you can sell shared hosting service and virtual server service. To do this, you need to: Go to Admin Area > Services > Hosting Management > Server Settings Click on the button Add new server On the pag...

Card Stored and Automatic Payment

Now, you can offer "Card Storage and Automatic Payment" to your customers. Your customers can save their card information in the system when purchasing a new service or during the bill payment process and have it automatically paid by credit card at each ren...

Creating a New Language

You can create and translate as many new languages on WISECP as you like. In WISECP,  English and Turkish languages are available as standard. If you want to add a different language, you can do this easily by following the steps below. Please follow the ste...

SMTP Configuration

WISECP uses the "PHPMailer" library as standard for email submissions.  How do I define SMTP information? 1) Follow your path to Admin Area > Settings > Mail to define the SMTP settings. 2) On the page that opens, select "Standard SMTP" as "Activated M...

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