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HTML/JavaScript Tags

On WISECP, data transfer can be made via the "POST/GET" method using some "HTML/JavaScript" tags. However, in some cases, the active firewall/rules on the server or network restrict the sending of HTML/JavaScript tags to the server and prevent data flow, alt...

Invalid CSRF Token Error

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces authenticated users to send a request to an authenticated web application. CSRF attacks exploit a web application's trust in an authenticated user. A CSRF attack exploits a security vulnerability of ...

MySQL Strict Mode Issue

As of MySQL 5.7, some strict mode rules have been introduced to "SQL Mode" definitions. These rules sometimes prevent the software from functioning. Unfortunately, WISECP, like many other automation systems, is not compatible with "SQL Strict Mode" rules. Th...

Import from Whmcs

With the help of the import tool created by WISECP, your whole data from Whmcs will be transferred to WISECP within few minutes.With the import tool specially developed for this, all your data will be fully transferred from the Whmcs system to the WISECP. Th...

Create Product / Service Group

If you want to create a product / service in a different category and sector in which you operate, you need to create a new "Product Group" first. You can then enter inside the product group you created and add and manage new categories and products. To crea...

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