Usage Guide and Documentation



WiseCP has advanced SEO features. This way you can quickly and permanently upgrade on search engines. Information about Seo features and settings is explained below.

  1. Seo Title
    This is the title information that will appear on your website's search engines. This is usually the site name and can be a slogan.

  2. Seo Keywords
    You can define words that will help search engines understand what your site is about. In this section, you can write multiple words in the context of your activity. (Separate multiple words with commas.)

  3. Seo Description
    You can define a short description to be displayed on the search engines. Information that is relevant to the sector in which you are operating, etc. can.

  4. Seo Friendly URL
    Information about how page URLs appear. is activated as standard. Your URLs will then be displayed as If it is passive, it is displayed as and so on.

  5. Sitemap URL
    You can view your site maps here. This way you can easily add site maps to Google webmaster tools and similar services.

  6. URL Structure
    You can optionally change the URL views of your site. For example: if you do not want it as, you can do this at or it could be different.