Usage Guide and Documentation


There are a number of settings that have not been categorized. All details about these settings are described in detail below.

  1. Product Group Activation
    As standard, WiseCP offers some product groups as the basis. If these product groups are not suitable for you, you can passively deactivate them. In this way, the system is not processed and made invisible about the related product group.

  2. Support System
    You can activate this setting if you want to provide technical support services to your customers. In this way, both the admin panel and the support system on the client panel will be displayed and an advanced support system will be activated.

  3. Knowledge Base
    You can activate this feature if you want to publish informative articles and pages on your products and services and all other topics. The content you add to the knowledge Bank also works in conjunction with the support system.

  4. Show invoices without logging in
    Customers can share their invoices with a relative and make payments. If you want this feature turned off, you can turn the switch off.

  5. Cart system
    Your customers can create an order in bulk by adding all their products and services to a single cart. This feature is standard, but optionally you can deactivate it. When you are passive, your customers will only be able to pay one product at a time.

  6. Cart activation for visitors
    Your visitors can add products to their cart without user login and advance to the payment stage, but they must make user input after this phase. If you do not want them to go this far and you want the user to log in first you can disable this feature.

  7. Clear Amount Zeros
    As standard, if 00 is at the end of all quantities, the system will automatically clean up. In this way, quantities are obtained in a simple view. For example: If a quantity appears in 145.00 format, the system will show it as 145.

  8. Coupon/Promotion
    You can offer discounts to your customers by creating a coupon code. This is activated as standard. This shows the field to enter a coupon code on the basket. Optionally, you can deactivate this feature.

  9. Contact Form
    A contact form is available as standard on your website's contact page. Thus, your visitors can send you written messages. These messages will be notified to you in your administration panel. Optionally, you can disable this feature. When passive, the contact form will be removed from the contact page.

  10. Google Maps View
    Google Maps is standard on your website's contact page. This way, your visitors can easily understand where your company is and provide you with access to your location. Optionally, you can disable this feature. When passive, Google Maps will be removed on the contact page.

  11. Pagination (Pagenate) Length
    You can define the length of the numbers just below the content lists. For example: 1-2-3-4-5 or 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

  12. Customer Panel News List Limit
    On the main page of the customer panel you can define the number of news items.

  13. Activity List with Customer Panel Limit
    You can define how many transaction history lists will be displayed on the customer page's main page.