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WiseCP allows you to easily manage your customers ' accounts and all other information. Detailed information is described below.

Membership settings

  1. Account creation and Login
    Optionally, you can activate/Deactivate member entries and account creation operations.

  2. Name / Surname Editable
    You can allow or prevent your customers from changing their name/surname information.

  3. E-mail settings
    You can ask your customers to verify their email address after registration. They cannot use their accounts until they have verified their email address. You can also prevent or allow them to change their email. (Your SMTP settings must be defined and running so that the email verification feature can work.)

  4. GSM No Settings
    You can ask your customers to identify their GSM numbers, you can require it, ask them to verify your GSM numbers, or you can block or allow them to change their GSM numbers. (Your SMS settings must be defined and working in order for the GSM number verification feature to work.)

  5. Landline Phone Settings
    You can ask your customers to define a fixed phone number. You can require it and prevent or allow them to change later.

  6. Birth date Settings
    You can ask your customers to define the birth date information. You can require it this, prevent them from changing, or allow them to do so.

  7. Account Type settings
    Your customers can define individual or institutional account types. In the Enterprise Account type selection, in addition to account information, you will be asked to define the company title + tax Number + tax authority information. Optionally, you can activate/deactivate the account type selection and prevent it from being edited after the first selection.

Special Areas

On the Customer Panel/Account Information page, you can optionally add multiple information fields and ask your customer to identify this information. (For example: Gender, the team you're holding, etc.) You can also force the completion of new fields that you create, and then prevent changes to be made.

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