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International SMS Delivery Service

You can offer text messaging (sms) services to more than 200 countries at fast, reliable and affordable prices.

How can I give an international SMS delivery service?

You can provide "international SMS delivery Service" at economical prices to all countries around the world. There is no need for complicated procedures and processes. Simply activate your WISECP's international SMS Service Sales module ( and then have sufficient and ongoing credit in your client account.

How does the system work?

When your clients want to send an international SMS from your system, they must upload credits to their account. Thus, when your client initiates the submission process, it checks the credit in the system account and, if available, the SMS delivery process will be successful.

How do I set up pricing?

WISECP Admin Panel, under the Products and Services tab, there is an "International SMS Service" section. Through this section you can see your costs for all countries and determine your profit rate.

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