Usage Guide and Documentation


The class is executed after initialization, transferring the values from the settings page to the variable.

You can import the SMS service API files as in the example.


  • $external_config - sends the same data as the value in the “config.php” file.
public function __construct($external_config=[])
    $this->lang         = Modules::Lang("SMS",__CLASS__);

    if(!class_exists("ExampleSMS_API")) include __DIR__.DS."api.php";
    $config             = Modules::Config("SMS",__CLASS__);
    $this->config       = $config;
    $external           = $external_config ? $external_config : [];
    $config             = array_merge($config,$external);
    $this->config       = $config;

    $this->title        = $config["origin"];

    $this->instance     = new ExampleSMS_API();


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