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Promotions and CouponsRelease Date: 2018/09/18

You can create special discount coupons for your customers and start a campaign.

WiseCP has an advanced coupon code and promotional system. All details are described below.

  1. Promotion Code
    For your campaign, either define a coupon code manually or generate a coupon code via the "Auto Generate " button.
  2. Type
    You can define how the discount type will be. Select "% Percentage" if you want to define a percentage (%) discount over the amount. If you want to lower a fixed amount from the amount, select the "Amount" type.
  3. Products / Services
    If you want to define the coupon code for your products and services, you can choose either single or multiple. To make multiple selections, you must select the Ctrl key on your keyboard. You can also click and hold down the Ctrl key to deselect it.
  4. End Date
    You can define the date when the coupon expires.
  5. Amount of usage
    You can define the maximum number of times the coupon is used.
  6. Tax-Free
    You can define tax-free. Thus, when the coupon code is used, no tax will be charged for the amounts in the basket.
  7. One-Time Use
    A customer will only be able to use the coupon once. He will be warned when he wants to use it again. Even if the same coupon applies to different products, the same coupon cannot be used again.
  8. For New Customers
    Only new customers can use the coupon. That means customers who have never ordered.
  9. For Existing Customers
    The coupon can only be used by customers with active orders.
  10. Dealers can also use
    If you are creating coupons in a product group related to resellers, you can optionally make provide that the dealers benefit from this discount separately.
  11. Administrator Notes
    You can write informative and descriptive text about the coupon so that managers and staff can have information about the coupon code. Only staff and managers can see this content.
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