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v3.0.3 Release Date: 14/12/2022

  • Fixed an issue in the admin area where the staff could not see the tasks in the assigned department.
  • The text editor problem in the mobile version in "Admin Area > Support Ticket Detail" has been fixed.
  • Fixed "empty(blank)" issue in invoice PDF files generated by Cronjob.
  • Fixed modal issues related to "Admin Area > Settings > Theme/Customization > Home".
  • Fixed an issue with the amount after the renewal payment for services with "Special Price" pricing.
  • The problem that the amount information in the right field after the "create account" and "login" stage is not displayed on the cart screen has been fixed.
  • For "MrDomain" domain name registrar, the problem of activating the order regardless of the transfer status of the domain name has been fixed.
  • The problem of not canceling the orders with a subscriber number but not a defined payment gateway has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would scroll when displaying a domain order in the "in progress" status in the modern theme.
  • Fixed an issue with the number of sends in "Admin Area > Clients > Marketing > Email Marketing".
  • "Show on Invoice" and "Show on Sign Up Form" boxes have been added to custom fields in "Admin Area > Settings > General > Clients".
  • For domain extensions that require info/doc, a warning notification will now be sent to the customer that additional info/doc is required after the order.
  • For extensions that require info/doc, the status has been set to "Doc Required" in the client area order list.
  • If there is "clientTransferProhibited" in the domain status info, a warning message that the domain name transfer cannot be made will be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with location/currency compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue with "Duitku" payment gateway.
  • Fixed an issue with "TriPay" payment gateway.
  • Fixed issue with forcing currency to desired currency in "PayTR" payment gateway.
  • An improvement was made in the Finansbank payment gateway.
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