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v2.3.2 Release Date: 22/06/2021

Bug Fix

  • Even though the one-on-one support ticket feature was disabled, some functions were still working. Has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with mass invoice payment.
  • Fixed some issues with parameters in Virtualizor ordering requirements.
  • In the "Pterodactyl" shared server settings, no more than 50 services were listed on the import tab. Has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with shared server selection from the "Master Server" tab on "Admin Area > Order Detail".
  • Fixed an issue in the systemic error logs for the subscriptions.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in the cronjob system when a shared server linked to active services was deleted.
  • Fixed the "-0.00" issue when paying with credit balance on the cart.
  • The problem with the "product redirect button" for orders linked to a special product group on the "Admin Area > Order Detail" page has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with automatic activation for additional services linked to the module.
  • CyberPanel port information change problems have been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the current IP about server services is not displayed in "Admin Area > Order List".
  • Improvements were made to the "Pterodactyl" module to avoid "external-id" problem after import via WHMCS.
  • Fixed some language-related issues with the Whmcs import tool.


  • In the shared server detail, the "Linked Services" tab was added so that orders linked to the server could be easily listed.
  • The "PayTR Bank Transfer" module has been improved and put back into use.
  • The feature of selecting bulk on "Admin Area > Product Lists" has been development.
    - Delete
    - Enable
    - Disable
    - Move to a Different Product Group
  • The smart search will now also search the notes in the order detail.
  • For the upgrade process in the Pterodactyl module, the processing of the requirements and addons of the order has been provided.
  • Improved the invoice view page in the client area.
  • Added "From Email" field to SMTP settings.
  • The "Sub Page Title Layout" feature has been improved in the "General Settings > SEO" tab.
  • Parasut e-invoice plugin settings have been improved.
  • In the Parasut e-invoice plugin, the status of creating a waybill invoice has been improved.
  • The ability to edit the "Available Balance" has been added on "Admin Area > Client Detail > Affiliate Management".
  • If there is an unpaid invoice for a service, the "Renew Now" button on the "Client Area > Service Detail" is directed to the unpaid invoice.
  • "Create Support Ticket" button has been added in the pop-up window of the "reason" section of the cancellation requests list on the administration panel.
  • Improvement has been made so that the "Renew Now" button on "Client Area > Service Detail" handles custom pricing if a service is priced to be specific to the order.
  • Implemented blocking so that shared servers linked to active services cannot be deleted.
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