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v2.3 Release Date: 03/04/2021


New modules, integrations, and your favorite game server management panel, Pterodactyl too!

Hosting Modules & Integration

Major modules are included in this update

Introducing New Features

Along with integrations & modules, we have also brought new features to WISECP
One-to-One Support Ticket

Managing and track of support tickets can sometimes get complicated. With the new version, it is now much easier to manage support tickets! Thanks to the new feature, staff who want to send a message to the support ticket must first take over the support ticket. Thus, only the personnel assigned to the support ticket can respond. Two staff members cannot write on a support ticket at the same time.

Key Based Licensing

As it is known that domain name-based software licensing feature is offered in WISECP. From now on, you can provide your software services on the basis of LICENSE KEY.

For detailed information, please click here.

Revamped Mass Mailing

We have revamped the mass Email and SMS structure. You can now create campaigns for mass e-mails and SMS any time.

  • Run campaigns automatically on a future date or in a certain cycle
  • Send mass e-mails and sms to your customers on their birthday
  • Send server-based mass notifications with assigned server selection
RTL Support

For right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew, WISECP now has RTL support for the web interface and the administration panel interface. You can enable RTL support by selecting Admin Area > Languages > Language

More Features

  • The "maximum registration year" feature has been developed for domain extensions. (For example: extension X cannot be registered for more than Y years.)
  • A feature has been developed so that Order ID + Invoice ID + Client ID + Ticket ID numbers start or continue with the desired number. (Check Advanced Settings)
  • From now on, the start and end dates of the services will also be shown in the invoice items.
  • The horizontal listing feature has been improved on the upgrade page for the server product line.
  • During the domain name purchase process, a feature that hides the hosting package purchase has been developed.
  • During the web hosting purchase process, a feature that hides the domain name registration has been developed.
  • "Create Secure Password" feature has been improved on the "Admin Area > Client Details" area.
  • "Create Secure Password" feature has been improved on the "Client Area > Change Password" area.
  • For clients without activation and verification, the ability to create support tickets is tied to advanced settings.
  • If there is a cancellation request for an order, an information window is provided on the "Admin Area > Order Details" page.
  • The feature of removing the request has been improved on the "Client Area > Service Details > Cancellation Request" page.
  • "Requirements, Installation, Versions tabs have been added on the Client Area > Software Service Details page.
  • "Reseller Hosting" service feature was developed for "Centos Web Panel" hosting management panel.
  • Custom icons can now be defined for the service boxes on the "Client Area > Homepage". (Check Product group settings)
  • When you want to offer a free service, the "Free" selection feature has been developed for payment methods in order to complete the transaction without any issues.
  • On the "Admin Area > Languages" page, a feature has been added to automatically activate the languages published on the "" platform.
  • Module parameter selection field has been added for product requirements.
  • For users who are moving their system to a different server, a feature has been developed that automatically disables the cronjob task on the old server.


  • Overall Visual improvements.
  • Overall Performance improvements.
  • Optimization has been provided for the "In Progress" status caused by the "Timed Out" problem in low performance servers in "Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate" commands in cPanel module.
  • The variable "$ val_of_requirements" in the server and custom product group modules has now been adapted with the new "requirement module parameter selector" feature.
  • A backup of the "Cronjobs.php" schedule file will now be kept on the database.
  • Cronjob infrastructure has been improved for "Suspend, Canceled, Terminate" processes.
  • Some improvements have been made in the bulk bill payment process.
  • The listing of server packages in the web interface can now be sorted by pricing.
  • Visual improvements for Classic theme client dashboard.
  • The "Breadcrumb" field has been added to the knowledge base of the Classic theme.
  • The "dataTable" lists in the Client Area and Admin Area have been improved.
  • For the international SMS service, collective country selection feature has been developed during the sender ID approval process. The problem with country selection has been fixed.
  • For the domain names registered with the transfer method, the ability to perform transactions on the basket for more than one year has been prevented.
  • For CyberPanel hosting control panel, FTP information section is now hidden in client area.
  • Manual activation has been blocked for domain names registered with the transfer method. (The activation process is done automatically by the service provider.)
  • For domain names transferred to another company, the "Manage" button has been disabled.
  • Debug and Developer mode are automatically disabled after a certain period of time.
  • If MySQL Strict mode is activated, warning window is displayed on "Admin Area > Order List" page.
  • The Client ID number on the invoice detail has been removed.
  • "Breadcrumb" has been added to the "Client Area > Support Tickets" list.
  • An improvement has been made in the "Latest Orders" list on "Client Area > Homepage".
  • A visual improvement has been made on the "Admin Area > International SMS Prices".
  • For the database backup system, it will now be checked whether the server supports the "ftp_connect" method.
  • The "2019" phrase in the website footer area has been adjusted to automatically see the current year.
  • In the Classic theme, extension boxes on the domain name registration page have been added to the homepage.
  • Country change feature has been added on "Admin Area > Language Editing" page.
  • In the knowledge base, the location of "Most Popular Topics" and "Recently Added Topics" have been changed.

Issues & Bugfix

  • Fixed an issue with "systemic error records" related to "coremio/helpers/money.php".
  • Database registration issue for IPv6 type IP addresses has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Continue" button on the new "Sign In" page remains below.
  • The problem of scrolling when "captcha" is active on "Login / Signup" pages has been fixed.
  • In auto-generated invoices, the problem that services longer than 30 days are processed according to the "annual" period day has been resolved.
  • Fixed "subdomain" detection issue with the cache system.
  • The calculation problem regarding "discounted" and "service add-on" invoice items has been resolved.
  • Fixed issue with upgrade invoice for calculation type including tax.
  • Fixed issue with "All Read" feature in "Critical Alerts" window in admin area.
  • The display issue of "Canceled" status information on "Client Area> Order List" has been fixed.
  • The problem with the "View Ticket" button in the "User has responded to support ticket" notification has been fixed.
  • The ENTER issue has been resolved for the "Search" button on the "Admin Area > Whois Lookup" page.
  • Fixed issue where the amount in the slogan header on the domain name registration page did not show the "discounted amount".
  • Fixed issue where the amount in the domain name slogan header during the hosting package purchase process did not show the "promoted amount".
  • When the "amount / period" information of a previously sold product pack is deleted, the inconsistency problem on the invoice display screen in the system including tax has been fixed.
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