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v1.6.2 Release Date: 23/01/2019

Release Notes

  • Two-factor Verification (optionally, authentication by SMS for user and Administrator logon process.)
  • Location Verification (if the logged-on user has different location information, the verification process is mandatory.)
  • Security Question (security question and answer to verify user security and account ownership.)
  • Database Security (automatic encryption of data base access information in "databases.php")
  • On database user tables, strong security measures have been provided.
  • The password information sent to the user was hidden when the new account was created.
  • The password reminder process has been made more securely.
  • Menu headers have the "Color Tag" feature.
  • In the order list, the status buttons were added. The orders are now listed according to their status.
  • Define multiple categories for references.
  • Fixed the problem with Cpanel Auto login for Internet Explorer.
  • In the shared hosting process, it was provided to write domain information instead of IP.
  • In Software orders, hosting and domain Show/hide feature has arrived.
  • Improvements have been provided on the bulk Mail/SMS system.
  • Improvements have been provided on the cronjob system.
  • Improvements have been provided on the Captcha security system.
  • Improvements have been provided on automatic import of domain name extensions and costs.
  • Fixed the bubble indicator issue on manual server orders.
  • Visual arrangements on the Admin panel.

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You can reach detailed information about WiseCP version upgrade via the link below. 

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