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V1.5 Release Date: 07/12/2018


If you are a WHMCS user,
now is the time to upgrade to WiseCP!

Also lossless and hassle-free.

All WHMCS users who want to migrate to WiseCP can now easily move all their data with a few clicks. You can migrate all customers, invoices, products and services, orders, support requests, and all other data from WHMCS with the migration Tool we designed specifically for this. For more information, please see the WiseCP Admin Panel > > Tools >> Import Operations.

Through the free trial version of WiseCP, you can ensure the transfer and control of your data.

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More Flashy, More Modern.

With the revisions that we have implemented on the WiseCP standard designs, a more flamboyant, modern and user-friendly design has now been achieved.

Advanced Mega Menu integrated with system. Advanced Slider with Video slideshow support. Simple and stylish footer design. Modern Product listings and many more touches.

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Other innovations and improvements

  • Performance improvements.
  • Security updates.
  • Visual arrangements on the Admin panel.
  • Support System enhancements.
  • Easy product copying feature.
  • Improvements on the credit system.
  • Developments on the dealership system.
  • Improvements on the database backup system.
  • Automatic HTTPS feature.
  • Automatic WWW feature.
  • Improvements to the invoice detail.
  • Improvements on the update center.
  • And many more improvements and enhancements.

How do I upgrade?

You can reach detailed information about WiseCP version upgrade via the link below. 

We're working hard to give you a better WiseCP experience.

Hope to see you again in New Version.

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