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v2.1.1 Release Date: 21/03/2020

New Feature: In the preventing the use of Proxy/VPN, the "Whitelist" additional feature has been developed. Core: MySQL Strict mode control has been developed to the Upgrade Wizard. Bug Fix: The "Payment Commission" decimal problem on the "Admin Area > I...

v2.1 Release Date: 19/03/2020

  We are delighted to announce the new version to you What's New in V2.1? Fraud Protection Domain Name Registrar Provide domain name service with InternetX, one of the popular domain name registrars. Payment Gateway Collect payments at affor...

v2.0.5 Release Date: 18/03/2020

  Includes the required preparation package before upgrading to version 2.1 You must upgrade to version 2.0.5 before upgrading to version 2.1  

v2.0.4 Release Date: 25/07/2019

  New: Premum status check feature for domain management. New: "Timed license control" mechanism for the software product group. Improvement: Fixed "INTL IDNA" issues occurring on some servers. Improvement: PHP limit control for installing and updating the ...

v2.0.3 Release Date: 02/07/2019

  Lot of hosting panels rolling! We are pleased to announce the new version What's new in v2.0.3 Hosting Control Panels Other Features New: SolusVM module has been further extended and improved. New: English is completed revised. New: Automated ...

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