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v3.1.2 Release Date: 18/07/2023

  • Fixed white tab issue in "Customer panel > order detail".
  • "HTML - GET/POST" problem related to client selection in selectboxes in the admin area has been fixed.
  • Added "Format" feature for currencies. (SEE: Currency Settings. Ex: 1234.56 - 1,234.56 - 1.234,56 - 1,234 - 1.234)
  • Fixed the issue where blank dates were displayed as "1970" in "Admin Area > Order Detail".
  • The white page problem in the Client Area > Sign In process has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Order Addons > Option Name.
  • The problem that the amount information is lost in the payment module with bank transfer has been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made in the Paypal module so that refunds can be made via API. (If there is "capture_id" and "order_id" information in the invoice status message, money can be refunded on the API.)
  • An improvement has been made to "SMS/UCS2" in the "" module.
  • Fixed an issue where the currency symbol in SMS messages was converted to a currency code.
  • The problem of detecting messages sent via Email Piping system as SPAM has been fixed.
  • The problem of the amount in the invoice when a monthly service is renewed annually has been fixed.
  • Added "Resellbiz" domain name registrar module.
  • Fixed the "domain code" issue in the "OpenProvider" domain registrar module.
  • The cronjob hourly hook was working by the minute, it has been improved.
  • Even if whois protection was disabled, new invoices were still being created. Has been Fixed.
  • Unable to load SVG file for bank logo while generating bank information. Has been improved.
  • The cronjob processing time range has been adjusted so that a minimum of 1 hour can be defined.
  • Fixed a discrepancy with currency rate when caching system was activated.
  • Made some improvements to the Whmcs import tool.
  • Fixed an issue with the import process in the "Sonicpanel" radio hosting module.
  • Fixed the problem of showing package properties in "SonicPanel" radio hosting module.
  • Fixed the issue where it would reoccur when the renewal invoice related to the order additional services was canceled.
  • The problem with the "Header Background" in the page detail of the blog system has been fixed.
  • The "Division by zero" issue on some pages in the admin area has been fixed.
  • Even if the "Invoice Formalization" feature is turned off, the invoice download button in the "Client Area > Invoice Detail" appears. Has been fixed.
  • Fixed PHP8 mismatch in "KuveytTurk" payment gateway module.
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