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v3.0.2 Release Date: 25/11/2022

  • The issue with the invoice PDF file displaying blank was fixed by updating the PHPMailer library.
  • Fixed some issues with languages in the invoice PDF file.
  • Added the ability to send additional information to the API for the "ES" extension in the "Realtimeregister" domain registrar module.
  • TLD import and automatic cost update features have been developed for "RealtimeRegister".
  • Added the ability to send additional information to the API for the "ES" extension in the "MrDomain" domain registrar module.
  • For extensions with "EPP" disabled, the transfer code field will no longer be displayed on the front interface.
  • Extension/price problems have been fixed in the "InternetBS" domain name registration module.
  • Has been developed advanced DNS feature for "Namecheap" registrar module.
  • The "Custom Note" will now be displayed in the PDF file of the invoices.
  • Fixed the "You can only register with xxx" problem related to the domain name registration stage of the "Hosting, software, custom" product groups during the ordering stage.
  • Fixed the issue where corporate information is displayed on the right side, although the account type is individual in the client area > account detail.
  • The module error when changing the domain name registrar in domain orders has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where no promotion price was displayed for domain names in the domain name registration section of the client dashboard.
  • It has been made mandatory to define the name and surname on the "CART".
  • Fixed "{rates}" issue during purchase.
  • Fixed the issue where the "tax number" or "tax office" fields could not be hidden.
  • Fixed appearance issue after adding "textarea" HTML code in admin area > order blocks.
  • The "accessibility" problem in the hosting and server order details in the admin area has been fixed.
  • The "VAT NUMBER" data in Whmcs was not being imported, the import tool has been improved on this.
  • Fixed the issue where "PNG" format images in support ticket attachments were not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with the currency "SAR".
  • The invoice paid date variable has been added to the "An official invoice is now ready" notification.
  • Removed duplicate category name in server categories in the front interface.
  • Has been improved Amazon Pay payment gateway.
  • The problem of not opening the response tab in the administration panel > support request detail has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with Portuguese language in "Tinymce" editor.
  • The problem of creating an order regarding sms services has been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem in Akbank payment gateway.
  • PayTR currency TRY problem has been fixed.
  • Added the ability to "skip backup" in the WISECP version update process.
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