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v2.2.1 Release Date: 12/01/2021


  • Card storage and automatic (subscription) payment system were developed. (Currently only valid for PAYTR payment method.) (For detailed information;
  • "Direct API" development has been provided for PAYTR module.
  • New interface for account creation and login pages has been designed and some innovations have been developed. (Visit the theme settings.)
  • Some improvements have been made for "promotional sales amounts" in domain name registration modules.
  • Status control period of domain names in the transfer process has been shortened.
  • In case of cancellation or deletion of an order, it is provided to be applied to connected addons.
  • In case of cancellation or deletion of an order, it is provided to be applied to the open invoice as well.
  • Some improvements have been made to automatic currency detection.
  • Improvements have been made regarding the API-induced "stay in process" problem in hosting panels.
  • Coupon code definition field has been added to "payment method selection" and "invoice address selection" stages.
  • Some improvements have been made for product / service period renewal for orders.
  • Many improvements have been made for the stabilization of the Parasut e-invoice module.
  • Country information for tax rules will come blank as standard.
  • Improvements have been made for the logo upload size.
  • "Disk space is running out" warning has been removed from the upper warning band.
  • "All Read" feature has been added to the critical warnings window of the admin panel.
  • When the renewal invoice is paid, the order amount will be updated.
  • When adding a new address in the "Admin Area > Client Detail", the country information will now come automatically selected.
  • When activating the Parasut module, it will be checked whether the taxation system is active.
  • Some phrases in the English language have been changed as commonly used.
  • Improvements have been provided on the bank transfer notification page.
  • INR currency has been improved.
  • Improved the import module from WHMCS.
  • Missing districts for Kahramanmaras and cities missing for Cyprus were added.

Bug Fix

  • "Cookie / Session Samesite" problems experienced as a result of payment have been fixed.
  • "Notification problem" related to bank transfer has been fixed.
  • The problem with Shopier, Iyzico payment gateways has been fixed.
  • Some bugs in activity records have been fixed.
  • In the invoice detail, the amount problem related to the domain name whois items has been fixed.
  • Fixed some issues with promotional discounts in invoice preview.
  • MaxMind module was having problems with the customer's phone number. Has been fixed.
  • Fixed the "Could not find server suitable for Specified type" issue with the Virtualizor.
  • When the order is canceled, the problem of canceling the paid invoice has been fixed.
  • Some problems in "transfer / security" tabs in domain name service detail have been fixed.
  • In the Namesilo module, if there is an existing domain name registered, the problem of not showing the domain name in the import process has been fixed.
  • "Short_open_tag" problem on "Admin Area > Clients > Document Verification> Filters > Add Filter" has been resolved.
  • The payment screen error related to Skrill has been fixed.
  • The issue of creating multiple service cancellation requests has been fixed.
  • Synchronization issue with local currency status has been fixed.
  • When the credit balance is loaded, the message in the activity logs has been corrected.
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