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v2.1.3 Release Date: 04/05/2020

  • New Feature: A feature has been developed to disable service renewal.
  • New Feature: Developed the "Automatic Setup" feature for hosting orders. If automatic setup is not enabled, manual approval is required.
  • Improvement: If the service type is cPanel/Reseller, the auto-login button in the "Client Area > Hosting Service Detail" is made to appear as "WHM".
  • Improvement: Improvement was made on "Automation Settings > Processing Time Range".
  • Improvement: Improved automatic suspension and cancellation for "Hourly" orders.
  • Improvement: "Referral URL Redirection" has been added to the affiliate settings.
  • Improvement: The tax ID field now supports letters.
  • Improvement: If the product selection is not made when creating a coupon code, the coupon is invalid.
  • Improvement: If the client does not have a registered address, the billing alert has been improved.
  • Improvement: In the account creation process, some problems in the gsm number identification stage have been fixed.
  • Improvement: The process of replying to support ticket in the admin panel has been made more practical.
  • Bug Fix: Improved the calculation of the amount "send invoice to address" in invoice payment.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in the hosting order that the recommended Name Server addresses were not received from shared server information.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the value "memory_limit" on the health page was displayed in the wrong format.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue of not clicking the "OK" button in the cookie warning on the invoice preview page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where those selected in "Admin Area > Order List" did not apply through the API.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the incompatibility with the API when deleting order on "Admin Area > Client Detail".
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with automatic selection of the "send invoice to address" field when paying the invoice.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the missing listing issue for "Invoices > Overdue invoices" and "Upcoming invoices".
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where an order in process is not applied on the API when clicking "Activate" button in the order list.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with dysfunctional status in the application of the coupon code on the basket.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue of the messages in SMS reports appearing cryptoly.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with user login/logout on the client panel side.
  • Bug Fix: fixed the port information issue in the cPanel activation message.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some issue in the invoice payment process, the credit and payment option.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed international sms (clickatell, bulksms ) sending issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed quantity issue in the total article information in the "Knowledge Base > Sidebar" categories.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the format issue in the "FREE" amount view in the currency "PKR" .
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where cancelled orders that are not connected to the module are not notified in the admin area.
  • Bug Fix: If there is a tax-free product in the basket, the tax calculation issue was fixed when the coupon was applied.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the disk and traffic indicator issue for the PLESK panel in the "Client Area > Hosting Service Detail".
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue of creating a second staff member with the same email address.
  • Bug Fix: The timeout time for the Hosting Panel Auto-Login operation has been shortened.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the tax calculation issue when an order was created for a tax-exempt product on the admin panel.
  • Core: The WISECP license alert will only appear in the admin area.
  • Core: The WISECP easy installation wizard has been improved and made simpler.
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