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v2.1 Release Date: 19/03/2020

We are delighted to announce the new version to you

What's New in V2.1?

Fraud Protection

Domain Name Registrar

Provide domain name service with InternetX, one of the popular domain name registrars.

Payment Gateway

Collect payments at affordable commission rates with the integration of the RavePay payment method.

Other Features

  • Adjustments were made on the Admin Panel for easier and more effective control.
  • Optimizations were made on the Admin Panel for higher performance.
  • Developed the "No Account Without Shopping" feature. An account cannot be created without a shopping. (Settings > General > Clients)
  • The "Document Verification" feature has been developed for the document upload/verify requirement and to otherwise prevent the account from being used. (Clients > Document Verifications)
  • The feature offering optional time extension for all services via the client area > service detail has been developed.
  • The product-specific taxation feature has been developed.
  • The invoice consolidation feature has been developed.
  • The invoice separation feature has been developed.
  • The features to "suspend" and "cancel" order on a specified date were developed.
  • In the Only Client Panel feature, member login or listing of products has been made selectable for the homepage view.
  • The search feature for the website interface's "Software" list has been developed.
  • A checkbox has been introduced to enable processing on the API while deleting an API-linked order.
  • The bulk status update feature for the domain extensions page has been developed.
  • All products/services have been categorized on the "Admin Panel > Order Lists".
  • The filtering of all products/services according to status has been enabled on the Admin Area > Order Lists.
  • Systemic e-mail reports feature have been developed. All emails sent by the system are listed under "Tools > Systemic Email Records".
  • The "never suspend and "never cancel" features have been developed for the client services. (Admin Area > Client Account Detail)
  • The ability to make payment methods customer-based active / passive have been developed. (Admin Area > Client Account Detail)
  • The ability to edit and manage the menu headings in the client area > left side has been developed. (Admin Area > Site Management > Menu)
  • The automatic root login button has been added in shared server detail and hosting order detail for supporting hosting panels. (Accesses are recorded in the activity log.)
  • An widget has been added on the Admin Dashboard for invoices whose due dates are approaching.
  • An widget has been added on the Admin Dashboard for overdue invoices.
  • An widget has been added on the Admin Dashboard for orders in progress.
  • A list of recently created orders has been added on the Admin Dashboard.
  • An widget was added, on the Admin Dashboard for reminders that will take place today.
  • The cookie warning feature has been developed. Thus, the visitor entering the website for the first time will be prompted with a cookie usage warning. (General Settings > Advanced)
  • The voice notifications feature has been developed.
  • In the "Orders" and "Order Addons" lists, the "Critical Process Notifications" feature has been developed for critical alerts. Thus, the problem of lists opening slowly has been eliminated.
  • In the Admin Area > Product package detail, the feature for selecting other product packages that can be upgraded has been developed.
  • The "Validity Period" feature for coupons has been developed.
  • Language and currency views have been separated on the website. The language/region information now appears as a country flag.
  • The "Completed" option has been added to additional service statuses.
  • Whether the current price of the product is applied to the invoice or not has been made optional in order period renewals. (General Settings > Advanced > Auto Update Invoice Amount)
  • The method of extending the service period when the renewal invoice is paid has been made optional. (Admin Area > Settings > General Settings > Advanced > Service Renewal Time Method)
  • The "History" feature has been added to the admin panel > order details. Thus, all procedures made on the order are recorded.
  • The {activation_link} variable has been added to the notification template for use in the email verification. Thus, it will be possible to verify the account with a single click in the received email.
  • Automatic update of the cost and selling prices was enabled via the API upon update of domain name profit rate.
  • The collective currency unit selection feature has been developed for domain name extensions.
  • For the software product group, the limitation feature has been added to the license change on the client area > order detail.
  • The "Cancel Zombie Order" feature has been developed. (On automation settings)
  • Support ticket signatures were adapted to multiple languages.
  • The reseller discount has been made visible on the invoice generated.
  • Some improvements have been made regarding Additional Services and Requirements.
  • Optional menu management has been added for the website's mobile view. (Admin Area > Site Management > Menu)
  • The system health page has been developed. (Admin Area > Help > Health Status)
  • The automatic refresh feature was developed in the support tickets list. (Refresh every minute)
  • The sequence number sorting feature was developed for web site references.
  • The "Client No" field has been added to the client invoice detail (Preview) page.
  • The hook system has been improved and new hooks have been added. (

Bug Fixs

  • Improvements have been made in the tax included system, cart, and invoice.
  • The problem of domain name promotion prices being valid for the years after one year has been fixed.
  • The problem of tax being included on credit deposited in the account while loading account credit has been fixed.
  • Some problems in payment with credit balance have been fixed.
  • The 0(zero) amount problem in the promotion feature in the domain list has been fixed.
  • Some problems with DirectAdmin have been fixed.
  • The webmail button in the Directadmin order detail has been improved.
  • The problem of the upgrade option appearing on the client area, even though it is turned off in the server product group setting, has been fixed.
  • The hidden products and categories have been hidden in the client area product upgrade.
  • The problem of creating the SolusVM HVM vps has been fixed.
  • The problem with SolusVM template listing has been fixed.
  • Some problems in the order stages have been fixed.
  • Orders that are not active or pending have been prevented from entering the client area > order detail page.
  • The cache problem related to automatic domain name cost information retrieval has been fixed.
  • The problem of not being able to add more than one of the same product in the Server or Special Product Group orders has been fixed.
  • The problem of 10-year renewal for domain name appearing as one year in the cart has been fixed.
  • The problem of not being able to detect the promotional domain name during the purchase of a product has been fixed.
  • The problem of making a suspension on Plesk API without administrator authorization has been fixed.
  • The problem of rounding up related to admin dashboard profit/loss analysis has been fixed.
  • Unnamed variables in activity logs have been fixed.
  • The 404 problem that appeared when the account creation feature was disabled has been fixed.
  • The ENTER button was enabled to process when pressed on the license confirmation form.
  • The css problem in the "Smart Search" view in the mobile view has been fixed.
  • The support ticket list responsive problem has been fixed.
  • The problem related to uploading files in the client area > support system has been fixed.
  • The white page problem after deleted order has been fixed.
  • The problem of calculating the number of products for x2 subcategories in the product groups on the client area homepage has been fixed.
  • The problem of download file deletion problem for the special product group product has been fixed.
  • The problem of seeing an error when the address information is too long in the GogetSSL order creation or renewal process has been fixed.
  • The Select2 language problem has been fixed.
  • Some problems in the Theme Management > Home settings have been fixed.
  • The mobile shift problem on the Admin Area > Client Detail > Messages preview screen has been fixed.
  • Some problems in the order upgrade processes have been fixed.
  • The Algerian dinar DZD currency problem has been fixed.
  • The Namecheap automatic pricing problem has been fixed.
  • The problem of the session record not being deleted for the client whose account was blocked has been fixed.
  • The problem of the additional service period not changing in the same ratio on the cart page when the period of the orders added to the cart together with the additional service is changed has been fixed.
  • The problem of not canceling the order when the cancellation request, if any, is approved in the Admin Area > Order detail has been fixed.
  • The problem of the advanced port in the shared server detail returning the default port has been fixed.
  • The problem of the files uploaded in the support ticket not opening in the browser in the case they are pictures has been fixed.
  • The slowness in the bulk mail filtering process has been fixed.
  • The problem of applying the coupon applied to one product to other products as well has been fixed.
  • The problem of IP number not appearing on the Client Area > Dashboard and order details has been fixed.


  • The admin panel access path was auto encrypted in the system configuration file.
  • A feature that prevents users from creating accounts and logging into the system using Proxy/VPN (Anonymous IP) has been developed. This includes administrative logins. (Managed under WFraud.)
  • The "Encrypt Message" feature has been developed for the client area > support ticket creation and response sending stages. (Thus, the sensitive data transmitted are kept in the database with encryption.)
  • Records of all sent emails and sms are kept in the database with encryption.
  • An automatic notification is sent to old information when the user email and password is changed.
  • When incorrect login attempts are made with the user and administrator email, a warning is sent to the owner of the account.
  • A critical warning appears in the event of the previous login from a different location.
  • The session record is deleted when the admin panel access path is changed.
  • BotShield and robot verification security has been improved.


  • Session Log + Systemic Error Log + Module Error Log lists have been developed. (Tools > Process logs)
  • The invoices to be paid can be selected in the bulk invoice payment process.
  • Creating a hosting order with the same domain name again has been prevented.
  • Certain improvements have been made in invoice generation.
  • Invoice generation is continued even if the last payment date of the service has passed.
  • The cronjob writing error due to running out of disk space is reported to the admin.
  • The white page problem caused due to failure to write the cronjob file has been fixed.
  • The warning is shown on the admin area for the SQL mode problem.
  • While upgrading the reseller hosting service on customer > order details, only the other reseller hosting packages are visible.
  • Customer email information belonging to hosting accounts are recorded on WHM.
  • If the domain name item in the cart is discounted, this is shown with a label.
  • The deletion of the invoice item to which the canceled or deleted orders are linked has become optional.
  • When the file is uploaded on the support system, the file name appears in the ticket detail.
  • The process of directing the answered support ticket to the list has been removed.
  • When the title is clicked on the support ticket list, it is directed to the ticket content.
  • When creating an order in the server product group, information such as "hostname, ns1, ns2, root password" is optionally hidden. (Server product group settings)
  • The DVC methods that can be used have been linked to manager selection in the SSL certificates product management.
  • The maintenance mode page appears responsive.
  • When the product/service information is clicked in the orders list, it is directed to the order detail.
  • Some translations in the process log have been corrected.
  • Some improvements have been made to invoice generation for hourly products.
  • Improvements were made on sales reports/cancellations on WAnalytics.
  • Some restrictions concerning international SMS have been removed.
  • Agreements pages have been identified to the Admin Area > Site Management > Agreements path.
  • Logo upload resolution has been increased.
  • The postcode character limitation has been removed.
  • Only the contact form can be seen on the contact page on the Only Client Panel.

How Can I Upgrade?

You can find detailed information about version upgrade procedures via the link below.

I hope to see you again in the new version.

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