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v2.0.4 Release Date: 25/07/2019


  • New: Premum status check feature for domain management.
  • New: "Timed license control" mechanism for the software product group.
  • Improvement: Fixed "INTL IDNA" issues occurring on some servers.
  • Improvement: PHP limit control for installing and updating the theme.
  • Improvement: Minor issues with DirectAdmin has been fixed.
  • Improvement: Fixed the "Order detail > Send Activation Notice" problem.
  • Improvement: Fixed "cPanel user name not defined" error.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue with "No linked product" when order is confirmed on the order detail page.
  • Improvement: Fixed domain query issue for "space, online, site" domain name extensions in Onlinenic.
  • Improvement: Fixed vault refund issue when order is canceled.
  • Improvement: Fixed a recurring file attachment issue after answering a support request in client area.
  • Improvement: Fixed an issue with the SVG extension file upload.
  • Improvement: Fixed the email address case sensitivity issue during client login.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue with Virtualizor Slave Server selection.
  • Improvement: Security has been improved.
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