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v2.0.3 Release Date: 02/07/2019


Lot of hosting panels rolling!

We are pleased to announce the new version

What's new in v2.0.3

Hosting Control Panels

Other Features

  • New: SolusVM module has been further extended and improved.
  • New: English is completed revised.
  • New: Automated payments, "Invoice paid" notification.
  • New: Added the ability to query universal domain in "ResellerClub, DomainNameAPI, Namecheap" domain name registrar.
  • New: Added the "Open/Close Map Display" feature on "Admin Area / Setting / General Settings / Information".
  • New: Added the "Open/Close Contact Form" feature on "Admin Area / Setting / General Settings / Information".
  • New: Added the ability to change the license information on the "Client panel / Software order detail".
  • Improvement: Fixed some issues for financial data.
  • Improvement: Fixed the language synchronization problem of the period/price view.
  • Improvement: For the Plesk hosting product, if the reseller is active and the service plan is selected, there was a "no plan" error issue.
  • Improvement: Fixed the HTML embed code URL issue in the software product group lists.
  • Improvement: Fixed the issue of identifying access information on the CyberVM module.
  • Improvement: Fixed an issue where an additional IP address purchased on SolusVM was not visible on assigned IP addresses.
  • Improvement: Fixed the language issue in the "View Ticket" button on incoming emails regarding support request.
  • Improvement: Fixed a horizontal listing issue for the server products on the homepage.
  • Improvement: Fixed a very long password issue created after the Hosting format process.
  • Improvement: Fixed a issue where manual canceled or suspended orders do not appear in notification bubbles in the menu notification bubble in the management panel.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue with checking file name when uploading files on support tickets.
  • Improvement: The support ticket list appeared responsive on 1336*768 resolution screens.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue "address area blank" On the General Settings/Information page.
  • Improvement: Fixed a problem on "FAQ" not appearing on the software page for categories.
  • Improvement: Fixed line jumping problem in textarea field in Hosting order requirements.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue where the requirements for the server product group were not displayed when adding a product/service add-on.
  • Improvement: Improved the support ticket file attachment feature.
  • Improvement: On invoice email notifications, the "Billing delivery fee" was not displayed.
  • Improvement: Fixed file delivery issue for products belonging to the custom product group.
  • Improvement: Some issues with cancellation requests have been fixed.
  • Improvement: For the "Basic client area > index" page, some issues has been fixed.
  • Improvement: Fixed the issue that occurred if the domain name in the cart was selected for 10 years.
  • Improvement: Fixed the domain Whois protection issue in the Admin Area > Domain Name Extensions.

How do I upgrade?

For more information about WISECP version upgrade , please click the following link

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